Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Twenty-Something Mom

Being Twenty-Something Moms, we are no longer newlyweds but not quite Suzie Homemakers either. For many our age, being a twenty-something mom is a time for transition but it doesn't have to be a drastic as choosing between becoming that frumpy stay-at-home, bare-foot-cooking, baby breeding, minivan driver or commuting to that 9-5 thankless job while responding to never-ending blackberry alerts in 9" heels and always racing to pick up little Jimmy from daycare on time.

There's got to be an in between, right?

Well that's what we are on the road to discover! We're just a few twenty-something moms ourselves trying not to get lost in the stay-at-home mom life, while still taking care of ourselves; knowing that the the key to being a good Mom is being a well-rounded twenty-something because at the end of the day- we're still just Twenty Something.

So, how do you balance the two? Keep reading while we discover more on:
Marriage, God, Work, Health, Volunteering, Fitness, Beauty, Fashion, Cooking, Crafts, Home Decor, Holidays, Family, Babies, and every other sliding glass door we might walk into along the way!